A Day in the Life

Throughout the year, our CoAS Dragons share their favorite college moments — and we have to admit, we’re always a little jealous of the posts: selfies with celebs, study abroad trips to exotic locales, the specimens of the Academy of Natural Sciences up close and, well, dead. Oh, and those 15 seconds of fame on the Citizens Bank Park Jumbotron? They make us wish we were students again.

Jealousy aside, what we love about these images is that no two submissions are ever the same. The proudest, happiest, most exhilarating CoAS adventures are as unique as our Dragons. Their research experiences, cross-country field trips and enviable co-ops (seriously, can someone get us a job at Marvel Comics?) make us proud to be part of such an inspired community.

Included here are the three winners from our recent #CoASPicOfTheYears contest, chosen by the College community, as well as some of our favorite moments that have been shared throughout the year.

We invite all of our CoAS Dragons to continue sharing their memories using #drexelcoas. Be on the lookout for future contests and make sure to follow us on Instagram: @drexel_coas.

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