#CoASDayintheLife 2015

“Open yourself to new experiences and people, for our value and worth comes not from money or luxury or even career success. No; it lies in those we affect, those with whom we leave our footprints through art, science, politics, language, thought and passion.”

– Jennifer Siew, BA Interational Area Studies ’15, in her Drexel University Commencement Address, JUNE 13 , 2015.

For the last three years, we’ve hosted the #CoASDayInTheLife Instagram Contest. Our motives have been selfish, really: we wanted a window into the lives of our students, faculty and alums, a way to represent the beautiful diversity that is unique to the College of Arts and Sciences.

And they, kindly, let us in.

In that time, we’ve watched their lives play out in field sites and labs, runways and museums. We’ve journeyed along on their studies abroad, looked over their shoulder in geology class, and stared hungrily at their photos of foam cappuccino hearts and decadent tacos. Through all of this openness and sharing, we’ve noticed something — something we already knew but have rejoiced in watching nonetheless. No matter the muse or location, they all share a remarkable and powerful trait: a passion to make an impact in the world — not just to leave their mark through fame or fortune, but to truly change the world, to challenge norms, to build better institutions, to support their communities — to do good.

These photos are just a tiny window into their worlds. Included here are the three winners from the 2014-2015 contest, chosen by the College community, as well as some of our favorite pics from the year.

Although the contest may change in the future, we invite all of our CoAS Dragons to continue sharing their days with us using #coasdayinthelife. And be sure to follow us on Instagram: @drexel_coas.

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