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Dean Donna Murasko, PhDAs Dean, I am fortunate to hear inspiring stories about Drexel students, faculty and alumni on an almost daily basis. Ask magazine gives us the opportunity to share these stories and celebrate the accomplishments of our community more broadly.

What strikes me about the feature stories this year is each person’s ability to use their experiences to change direction. That is what a Drexel education is all about, after all.

Some students come to Drexel knowing exactly what they want to accomplish. Some stay the course. Others decide after a co-op or two, or a few months in the lab or in class, that their major or career ambition is no longer the right path for them. So, they change direction.

This is the true value of an academic institution that embraces experiential learning. There are countless avenues for pushing personal boundaries, for testing out possible futures. In co-op, students explore the different industries and roles of professional life; they see if reality measures up to expectation. They do the same in the research lab and out in the field, delving deeper into areas that intrigue them. And in our community-based learning courses, they work alongside community members to confront difficult societal issues — terminal illness, homelessness, poverty, incarceration — gaining a more nuanced understanding of the world, their place within it, and the impact they can make today and into the future.

The Drexel approach to education, as the stories in this issue highlight, empowers students to evolve. These experiences allow students the space to shape not only who they are, but also who they want to become.

Enjoy the issue,

Donna M. Murasko, PhD, Dean
College of Arts & Sciences
Drexel University

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