Natural Curiosity

Natural CuriosityAside from being a stone’s throw away from Fairmount Park — one of the largest urban parks in the nation — Drexel University is deeply connected to the natural world. The University’s partnership with the Academy of Natural Sciences gives unprecedented access to the oldest natural sciences institution in the Western Hemisphere, and the College’s Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science (BEES) provides students countless opportunities to live out its “Field Experience, Early and Often” motto. Taking the department’s mantra to heart, BEES students Vaughn Shirey ’17 and Karly Soldner ’17 founded the Drexel Naturalists Association for students of any major who are interested in learning more about the environment both in and outside of the city. The organization boasts more than 40 members from across campus who meet to discuss research, partake in outdoor excursions, and connect with faculty and research groups. Students interested in joining can contact current president Ashleigh Jugan at ashleigh.a.jugan@drexel.edu.

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