The Gift Horse

The Gift HorsePhoto by Mari Art/Thinkstock Photos

Compassion comes in all shapes and sizes. For Jorge Armando López Pocol, it stands 15 hands tall.

Six Drexel University students met Pocol during an intensive course abroad in Guatemala, where they explored environmental and global health issues with the local community. Pocol, who started the Chico Mendes Reforestation Project in honor of the slain Brazilian environmental activist, encourages people to fight with their minds.

His latest act of political protest involves planting thousands of trees on a hillside to lure protected birds in an attempt to thwart the privatization of land and water by a transnational mining company. Moved by his actions, the students launched a GoFundMe campaign to buy Pocol a horse to haul the trees. He says he’s always dreamed of a horse, but it’s never been financially feasible — until now. Thanks to the students’ compassion — and a successful campaign — Pocol now has the help he needs to continue his peaceful protest.

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