Time Flies When You’re Busy…

Dean Donna MuraskoHaving just been reappointed to another five-year term, I’ve been looking back over my last 10 years as Dean and can’t help but feel overwhelmed with pride in the College of Arts and Sciences community. Since 2003, our student body has grown from 1345 undergrads to over 3000; we’ve expanded from 180 full-time faculty to 297; research funding has increased a remarkable 197%; we’ve added seven new majors, four online degrees, and created a new department; and we’ve renovated old spaces while building impressive—LEED certified—new ones.

There is a palpable energy that underlies all of this progress. It is an energy rooted in a shared, firm commitment to continually enhance the education of our students and to continually surpass our own expectations. It is an energy motivated by a passionate commitment to the highest quality research and scholarship that not only betters the University but also the world at large.

Ask magazine captures this energy in words and images. It allows us to bring together and honor the diverse members of our community. As alumni and friends, you are an important part of this community—your support helps make it all possible. So please, enjoy this year’s new and improved magazine, which has evolved like everything else at the College. Read through the stories of your fellow Dragons and then, when you’re done reading, share their stories with your family and friends—or, even better, pass Ask along to them—then stay in touch with us by visiting our websites and social media pages, or coming to visit us on campus.

I promise you that the next five years will be as transformative as the last 10: our goals remain lofty and inspired. I hope you’ll continue to take this exciting journey along with us.


Donna M. Murasko, PhD
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Drexel University

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